What’s Up With Founder’s Tokens


Founder’s Tokens T’s and Merchandise

What’s up with “Founder’s Tokens”?


The Early Adopters Club

Kstarrs Internet Radio Services 

Is committed to providing quality and meaningful products and services while also enjoying the retirement lifestyle of staying active and getting that bread. 

Kstarrs Internet Radio Services has collected a diverse array of professional and technical talent and resources to take advantage of the vast opportunity to document, reproduce and broadcast the most enjoyable aspects of the human experience, Music and Expressive Fashion. 


Kstarrs Internet Radio Services

Is founded on history, by people who experienced it first hand and still use those tools today.  Kstarrs is developing the craft of seamlessly blending the best of legacy cultures with emerging technology for future prosperity. 

With the easy availability of technology to express enjoyment of every variety of favorite thing, we can share with friends, families, and loved ones the best of what there is to offer.

Kstarrs Internet Radio Services 

presents for your consideration 

A legitimate business venture for fun and interest based on a stack of “tokens” earned over the years through modest occupations. 

So please enjoy, share and like our venture, and as you feel inspired start Collecting our first seasons Founder’s Tokens.

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Made by Americans

Steve and Angelo neighbors and friends putting together the Made by an American merchandise Tokens in their garages like all great businesses begin.